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The home inspection and repair process is often the hardest part of buying or selling a home. With FBI Home Services, agents are able to reduce their time on the phone and provide their clients with exceptional service from licensed and insured contractors. 

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FBI Homes services makes it simple. It’s all under one roof – Handyman, Electric, Plumber, HVAC and Roofing with just one call or click.

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Reduce phone calls and home visits while ensuring your client’s the best contractors at a fair price. 
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Carpentry, tiling, coordination of painters, floor specialists, and other subcontractors.


Licensed Plumbers that can install and repair water, gas and other piping systems in homes.


Wiring and control systems for lighting, circuits, and overall electrical needs.


Heating, cooling, and ventilation experts for HVAC systems repairs and replacements.

From Our Customers | Reviews

I am always proud to connect my clients to FBI Home Services. Their contractor estimates come in an easy to understand format and they provide suggestions for wording repair requests and prioritizing findings. I usually have my estimates back on the same day as the inspection!
Berry T

We submitted our inspection report in a few minutes, had a quote in an hour, and the repairs were completed within 2-3 days. We’ve been loyal users of FBI Home Services ever since.
Glenda W